Mobile Service Course in Chennai

Why Shri Harshika Institute for  Diploma in Mobile Servicing & Repairing Course in Tambaram, Chennai?

Shri Harshika Institute  conducts mobile repairing courses for students as well as professionals who wish to make a career out of handset servicing. It teaches you how to repair all types of smartphones .You will learn all the skills required to be a professional mobile phone repair technician.

Certificate in Mobile Servicing & Repairing Course in Tambaram, Chennai

The program covers both hardware and software repairs. The training starts from basic knowledge of electronics and goes up to advanced troubleshooting of problems. People prefer to learn mobile repairing at Shri Harshika Institute because of its systematic and in-depth training with practical experience on all major topics.

After completing our mobile repairing course, the trainee will easily be able to repair all the smart phones. One can make a career in it either by working as a technician at a service center or by setting up his own mobile phone repair business.

If you are looking for Mobile Service Training In Tambaram Chennai then you have reached the right place.

Course Eligibility:

  • 8th or 12th or Any Degree

Course Duration:

  • 12 Days

Scope for Students:

Course Overview :

  • Introduction & Identification of PCB.
  • Fault finding of Mobile Phone Sections
  • The hardware of Mobile Phone
  • Use of Tools& Equipment
  • Mobile Phone Software
  • Multimedia & downloading.


The mobile service course in Chennai is a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of mobile phone servicing. The course is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to start their own mobile phone repair business or to work as a mobile phone technician in a repair shop.

The course covers topics such as disassembling and reassembling mobile phones, diagnosing faults, soldering and desoldering components, repairing software issues, and troubleshooting hardware problems. Students will also learn about different types of mobile phone models and how to choose the right parts for repairs. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to set up their own mobile phone repair business or to work as a mobile phone technician in a repair shop.

Most cell phone repair courses will teach you how to handle the most common issues that people face with their mobile devices. This can include problems with the touchscreen, software, buttons, charging port, and more. Many of these courses are hands-on, so you’ll get plenty of experience working with actual phones.

After completing a mobile service course, you should be able to:
-Troubleshoot and repair common issues with mobile devices
-Identify different types of mobile devices and components
-Understand how to use various tools and equipment for repairing mobile devices
-Follow safety procedures when working with delicate electronics

Chennai is a rapidly growing metropolitan city and the demand for mobile service technicians is also on the rise. If you are looking for a career in mobile phone servicing, then you should consider enrolling in a course from a reputable institute. There are many institutes that offer mobile phone servicing courses in Chennai. Do some research and choose an institute that offers a comprehensive course at an affordable price.

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