The article describes as how refrigeration mechanic course structure consists of and then talks about the good employment options prevailing in the Chennai market.To be considered good, the technicians have always been in demand and the employment opportunities will rise up gradually in the future decades. Refrigeration and air conditioning positions are open widely for those individuals who have graduate or diploma degrees from college in Chennai. They are responsible for repairing of central air conditioners, refrigeration mechanics and also residential air conditioners in industries, commercial buildings & residential areas. Are you too eager to be in the culture of mechanics and want to consider it as your career? It pays well and the market in Chennai for this occupation has been ascending substantially. This can be right career option for you after you gain competencies required to practice this trade.

SHRI HARSHIKA INSTITUTE OF TECHNICAL AND HEALTH EDUCATION has been started in the year of 2016 with definite aim to motivate the unemployed youth to learn job oriented and self-employment certificate/Diploma courses. The ultimate objective is to eradicate Unemployment problem to some extent.

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Thinking for employment in this field can be a great opportunity for you after taking up education from Chennai College. Few of the colleges have the criteria of previous employment or apprentice while others can apply after their 12th grade. The refrigeration mechanic course teaches the students about cooling system, its in-built parts, assembled units and other important designed tools for gaining comprehensive knowledge.

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The program covers the following topics in order to provide theoretical as well as practical training to those aspirants who wish to become refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics. An overview of the subjects taught is mentioned below:Industry Practices

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Systems
  • Plan Specifications of different systems
  • Electronic Devices & Controls
  • Pipe Joining
  • System Design, Components & Installation
  • Temperature Load Calculations
  • Advanced Tools of System Mechanism
  • Air Distribution Systems and its elements
  • Mechanical Cooling basics and its parts
  • Controlling Systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Installation and Maintenance of temperature in the systems
  • Heating & Cooling aspects of refrigerators & air conditioners

Along with these concepts, the students get a chance to imply their technical skills while working on the heating and cooling systems made up of different mechanism. Few engineering schools take from six months to two or three years to cover the whole curriculum and also it depends on the individual who chose the liked program. Also problem solving and critical thinking skills are necessary to fetch better employment in refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics field.

After you have received the certificate from the school/college, you are eligible to work as a technician in this industry. The industries which look out for such technicians want their laborers to be equipped with excellent technical skills that have in-depth knowledge about refrigeration and air conditioning methods. Major employees of this industry consists of males who has young age as this labor market demands a younger age profile as employees till the age of 45 or above that. Their labor market in Toronto, Chennai is expected to maintain an equitable proportion while offering good employment prospects to the graduates in commercial and industrial sectors.

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